22.9 EiBfrom 22.2 EiB
Increased by3.199%
XCH Price
$44.98from $44.42
Increased by1.259%
Market Cap
$198,036,892from $195,165,821
Increased by1.471%
Annual energy consumption (v2) External Link Icon
0.213 TWhfrom 0.208 TWh
Increased by2.568%
Time to win / 10TB
572 daysfrom 554 days
Increased by3.199%
Full Node Size
145.7 GiBfrom 145.5 GiB
Increased by0.09%
Fees per Block
533,099,600 mojo
Circulating Supply
4,402,620from 4,393,420
Increased by0.209%
1,904from 1,912
Decreased by-0.418%
Compared to 23 hours / 4600 Blocks ago
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